Dr Babak Jafarizadeh joins the team

My name is Babak Jafarizadeh and I am very happy to join the Accounting and Finance team. There is such a diverse range of interests in this department and I am excited to discuss mine with all of you.

Before joining the University, I worked in the upstream Oil and Gas industry for over ten years; performing investment appraisal, portfolio management, and risk analysis on projects across the globe. I have a PhD in “Investment and Decision Analysis” from the University of Stavanger in Norway, a master degree in financial engineering, and an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering.


Valuation of Real Options (primarily in the energy and commodity industries) is my main area of research and I welcome all your novel ideas on this topic. The field is broad and has relationships with Investment Science, Corporate Finance, and Theory of Markets. It also borders Decision Analysis, Operations Research, and even Psychology.

Here is a list of my research interests:


·         Analysis of portfolio of real options

·         Sequential exploration under uncertainty

·         Stochastic modelling of oil prices

·         Value of Information

·         Economic analysis of projects under uncertainty

·         Analysis of bids and bidding strategies


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