Accounting and Finance Social

Big thank you to everybody who came to the Fancy dress Quiz at the Frog and Fiddle last week. We set the night off with a general knowledge quiz, then some unplanned, however outstanding stand up acts in between rounds.

Nathan kicked it all of with some soulful Sister Act, being supported by his three nuns who also won best dressed.  This was then followed by a very strong performance of the YMCA by the level 6 boys (I won’t mention names, but there is video evidence making its way around). Xiaoling then performed a beautiful Chinese solo and some traditional dancing.

We had a quick stop for Pizza and quiz master’s Kirsty and Zoe to add up the scores, before some final acts took to the stage. Babik who also likes to perform as a Magician, made a coin disappear and finally the Roly Poly by Jonny. Who may I add did execute the dismount to perfection!

The Nuns and Buns not only won the fancy dress but also won the quiz, their knowledge of the Simpsons allowed them to pull ahead by one point.


Make sure you don’t miss the next social and please feel free to let us know if you have some ideas of what you would like to see involved next time.


Thanks again and good luck with your revision!



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