ICAEW Careers Day

Archan and Zoe attended the ICAEW Careers day in London last week to get an insight of what future employers and the ICAEW are looking for from the future graduates.

ICAEW have been working closely with the top accounting firms to see what’s missing when they look to recruit students and they came up with the following 5 attributes.

Adaptability – How do students adapt when something goes wrong? Do they make a solution?

Insight – With an ever changing profession, how do students use their professional judgement?

Collaboration – How do they work in a team? could they work on different time zones or with specialists?

Perspective – Can they take an overview of the decisions for stakeholders?

Learning & Reflection – The pace of change is so fast, do they get feedback timely?


So if you have an assessment day coming up or in the near future, make sure you can give appropriate and frequent examples to demonstrate you have them. We met with many employers such as PWC and KPMG during the day and whilst discussing these skills they couldn’t stress enough on how these softer skills were so important to them when recruiting.

What was also interesting from discussions with other university’s and employers is how important the professional development is and how very few university’s actually make it compulsory. So if you are attending an interview make sure you tell them all about the skills you have developed in AC4090/5090 as this may set you apart from the rest!

For all the level 6 students who haven’t yet found their dream job, then don’t worry. A lot of the employers were still recruiting for this year and although the number of jobs for accounting and finance graduates had slightly decreased this year. The profession is still the highest recruiter in the U.K and they have seen a decline in graduates applying, so there are still some great opportunities for graduates in the profession.

We will be making sure that AC4090/5090 and all other modules will be capturing these skills to make sure your career ready.carrers day





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