Festival of Learning

UOG held their first festival of learning this week, with academics from the university and all over the country coming together to listen, learn  and develop best practice for our students.

The day was kicked off with guest speaker Donna Lanclos anthropologist from UNC Charlotte, focusing on ‘Active Learning’  which engages students in the learning process. In short, active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing rather than traditionally of listening to the lecturer. The lecturer becomes more of the facilitator and the students take on more of an active role.

Throughout the day we heard from many lectures from UOG who shared their experiences and hard work that had been implemented into their modules over the past year. The Accounting and Finance team showcased their eLearning project, which has involved Archan, Daniel, Kirsty and Charles who have all successfully incorporated eLearning into their modules to improve the experience for our students.eLearning poster 1617 A1 - Copy.jpg

Kirsty has always been an advocate for eLearning with over 10 years experience of online lecturing, her experience was invaluable for the team to get up to speed with modern technology. Kirsty uses eLearning to work through questions and answers in her management accounting classes on an interactive whiteboard, which ensures contact time is being maximised because it’s capturing the information there and then for students to work with.

We have had great feedback from students since the use of Padlet, Kahoot, Socrative and the surface pro have been implemented in the classroom and the accounting and finance team believe this will only enhance students experience and the learning environment.




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