Accounting & Finance Subject Community


The Guardian University League Tables 2016 place us in the top quartile for our subject area, a rise to 20th (from 30th) out of 97 in the subject area.  It is also excellent to note over half of the accounting team have been nominated by students in the University Staff Excellence Awards 2015.

The subject group currently offers the following courses: BA Accounting and Finance; BA Accounting and Business Management; BA Accounting and Financial Management Studies (also run internationally); MSc Accounting and Finance; MSc Accounting and Finance Management (Master’s Stage Award).  In addition to these we support the delivery of quantitative methods, accounting and finance elements of programmes in business areas (including moderation of franchised and validated partner courses); MBA; and CMS/DMS.  The group also hosts a number of PhD and DBA students and runs the research centre – Centre for Contemporary Accounting Research (CenCAR).

The subject community works with employers and professional bodies to ensure we promote ‘career ready graduates‘  who are engaging with their future plan in the accounting and financial professions.

Why not visit the University of Gloucestershire website to find out more…




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