Students getting practical

Accounting students will be given the opportunity to pitch to local SME’s who work closely with the Growth Hub, in Gloucester. Sterimatic Worldwide Ltd, Dutypoint and Tomcat have all signed up to give student’s the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. Each business will present their company to the students and identify some areas where they could use […]

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What is Tone disclosure and its effects on Financial performance?

Doaa Aly et al wrote a paper about Tone Disclosure and Financial Performance in an Egyptian Context. It is to be published by Accounting Research Journal. This paper examines to what extent financial performance (FP) represents one of the main determinants for tone disclosure (TD) in Egyptian annual reports. The bidirectional relationship between TD and […]

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The Debt-Financed Repurchase Craze: A New Normal?

Share repurchases or buybacks refer to the distribution of profits to existing shareholders through the purchase of shares already held by the shareholders. Several factors underlie the share repurchase phenomenon. Corporates repurchase their shares as a way of signalling positive information to the market about the prospects of the company since cash-rich firms would normally […]

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Tom’s next chapter will be at PwC

So as another year ends and a new one is in sight, Zoe caught up with Tom Ramsden who has just completed his Accounting and Finance Management degree  to see what he has in store after university life. Tom will be starting a new chapter at the beginning of September with the top accounting firm PwC. The competition is tough, hard […]

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Building a digital environment to support the development of your students’ capabilities.

Kirsty Blount attended the ‘Connect More’ conference in Bristol supported by Jisc to review how to implement digital capabilities into the syllabus and workplace. Kirsty said I often think ‘my students are of the digital generation and are more capable than myself at using technology’. However at the conference statistics were analysed which confirmed students are […]

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MTD on hold until 2020

The announcement on 13 July 2017 that the rollout of MTD for business was to be pushed back to 2020 came as a big surprise to everyone, including the software development support team at HMRC. That statement says: “The Government will not widen the scope of MTD beyond VAT before the system has been shown to […]

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